5 Ways Adobe XD will Make Your Clients Happy

  • Brad Gillis
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  • Sunday, March 27, 2016

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an All-In-One solution for UX designers to prototype web designs and mobile apps.

With Adobe XD, you can take your creative ideas from concept to professional layout in minutes.

If you are into web development then you really should take this software for a serious spin around the block.

I know you’re saying “Oh no, not another frustrating software system to learn!”

Adobe XD could not be easier to learn! It has a minimal and intuitive interface that is super easy to master.

Yes, you can master it in minutes. It really is that easy. With a Zero Learning Curve, it is hard not to like this new software.

It has a fast and fluid interface that is so sleek that to get up to speed with the features it is as easy as click and drag.

If that is not enough to get you started then let me list some reasons why you need to rethink it and give it a real try.


   1. Adobe XD now allows you to directly involve your client in the design process.

      You can share a movie preview of your prototype design along with any interactions or animations to get client feedback.

   2. Collaborating with your client can lead to new ideas and markets. Remember, “Two Heads are Better than One.”

   3. Letting the customer into the design process builds bonds and strengthens brand loyalty. No need to leave your client in the dark.

   4. A fully integrated process in the workflow that seamlessly involves your client cuts production time and cost. Early review helps you minimize the time to align your design with the       client’s expectations.

   5. Shows your client how the user design interacts with the customer.


Adobe XD may be the poster child for user-driven technology. It was designed from the ground up with the user in mind and it shows in the slick interface.  

Adobe made it a collaborative effort between the design team and 1000’s of pre-release beta testers to ensure it had a winning design.

The result is a bold and agile piece of design software that is sure to gain momentum in the design community.

One of the big advantages of using Adobe XD is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Photoshop and Illustrator. These are both big names in the design arena. Using those Photoshop and Illustrator assets is as simple as copy and paste into the program.

UX Design has become a critical factor in producing great design work. Adobe stated that their online Behance community found that” interaction design grew 52% in 2015.”

Adobe has now made it incredibly easy for designers to include it in the design process without 3rd party apps.

This is a Preview Release and it already has a lot of great features so it is ready for professional design work. Many more features are on Adobe’s to-do list so it is only going to get better and they have promised to add features monthly.

Sketch and InVision now have some serious competition and I am sure that Adobe will be turning up the heat with updates in coming months.

Adobe XD Preview Release is available as a free download for the Mac Platform if you have an Adobe ID, which is also free. Later in the year, Adobe promises a Windows version.

Join the Innovation Adobe XD

Watch how easy it is to get started with Adobe XD!



For more great Tutorials to get you up and running quickly like an old pro then head over to You Tube and check out the videos for Adobe XD.


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