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What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 commonly refers to web sites that cater to user interaction and collaboration. All of the content is user generated.

Where to get Web 2.0 Web Sites

Most Web 2.0 web sites are Free! Here are some examples of popular Web 2.0 websites; Reddit, Twitter, Wordpress, You Tube, Tumbler, Pinterest, Blogger, Snapchat and Instagram. This is by no means a complete list but you now can see what constitutes a Web 2.0 Property.

So why don’t you own more property on the Web?

Web 2.0 Link Building has been a staple of SEO for a long time. It still works very well and popular with many webmasters.

While these may not get you on the first page of Google, they will have a huge impact on your ranking.

Why Create a Web 2.0 Property (Web Site)

  1.  They are Easy to Create
  2.  Best of All – They are Free
  3.  You Control the Property and the Links
  4. You own the web site and all the backlinks and have complete control- forever
  5.  They are free so if you have the time you can build as many as you want.


Make Real Web 2.0 Properties

In the past, people created Web 2.0 websites and filled them to the brim with backlinks. It worked really well for a while, till Google caught on that rankings were being manipulated. These crappy web 2.0 spam sites had little or no value.

Creating Web 2.0 blogs and web sites only for backlinking could get you a heavy ranking penalty from Google. So just don’t do it unless you are going to do it right.

Yet, Web 2.0 backlink strategies still work. Your website/blog must be “authentic” and feature “real content” to reap full benefits and avoid penalties.

How to Make It Authentic

You need to publish original content on your blog or web site over a few weeks to establish it as an authority site in your niche or industry.

Take the time to build a website/blog that will build an audience.

Create great content on your website/blog that people will want to share on social media.

This will drive more traffic to your website and grow your online presence.


Creating lots of valuable content for one site is hard enough let alone for two sites.

Solution: Make your Web 2.0 web site a resource site where you review all the new content published on other top blogs and web sites related to your industry.

Make it an authority site by summarizing articles and content about your industry.

Find the best bloggers and influencers in your niche and feature reviews of their articles with links to the original content. Be sure not to plagiarize and when quoting be equally sure you are doing it properly.

Create short original reviews that tell your readers what news and articles they should read to keep abreast of the latest and greatest in your industry.

You will be rewarded with an engaged community that will look forward to your updates and respond by sharing with their audience increasing your community

Hell, there are a number of very influential websites that use this format. is a great example that specializes in publishing what is happening around the web on a number of topics.

Another, fantastic example is trafficgenerationcafe/blog that specializes in reviews tips, tricks and techniques on how to grow your website traffic.

Linking back to the Big Dogs in your niche will show Google and others that you have a real site that isn’t all about backlinking to your site.

Mix It Up

Mix it up a little, for example write a feature article when you have time.

Be sure to add some original content and not just reviews. Try some of the following content types.

9 Content Types that Readers Love to Share

  1. Detailed Tutorials – Either your own or reviews of others tutorials. Great for attracting attention because they are helpful and very likely to generate links.
  2. Growth Hacking – This type of post is always trending in the Social Media crowd so share whenever possible.
  3. Trending Topic – Write a summary; outline the various views and why you think a certain view is prevalent. Tell your readers why that view resonates with you but don’t dump on the opposing side.
  4. Expert Interviews – Once your website gets traction ask an expert in your niche for an interview. You might propose 3-5 questions that you think your readers would like to hear. Or propose a quick 5-1- minute Skype interview with the same questions.
  5. List Posts – Always a hit. Example “9 Content types that Readers Love to Share”
  6. A Checklist – Something like “9 steps to a Viral Twitter Post”
  7. Infographics – People love sharing these. If you don’t have the skills to create your own, create a blog post and discuss why a particular infographic is spot on for your niche. Discuss its merits and promote it giving the proper credit to the author.
  8. A Top 10 List of Websites – This is an all-time favorite that provides valuable content and often produces numerous backlinks. Be sure to let the folks know they are on your Top 10 List. Often, they will share with their readers which in turn will generate links and traffic.
  9. Evergreen Post – this is a post that stands the test of time. It will hopefully continue to be relevant. If it is really good you can recycle this one periodically. This list is a good example because these types of content have been popular for years and will continue to be.

Reach Out

Once your site begins to gain traffic, reach out to a few influencers that you have linked to and ask if they would be interested in a guest post. You will find that a few will take you up on the offer.

People are always receptive to others telling their story and being acknowledged as an important part of the industry or niche.

It will surprise you how many influencers are really nice folks!

They know how it is more effective and authentic for you to toot their horn then if they do it themselves.

That is one of the reasons you see many great performers team up. They get to toot each other’s horn without doing it themselves. Penn and Teller, Sigmund and Roy, Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon are great examples.

Be an advocate for them and their brand and they are more than likely to reciprocate.

Over time, build a relationship with your readers and influencers in your industry.

Promote your website/blog on all your social media channels that you use.


It will take time to gain ranking, but if you do it right, your website will be like an uptown virtual studio that features the best of the best in your industry.

It is a great service to find a site that gives a summary of the news in a particular niche.

Done right, you will gain a following because people save time finding the info/news they want to read and can skip the rest.

The best part is you are included in the mix because you pick the authors to feature.

If possible spent a few dollars advertising on Twitter to get in front of a targeted audience. It can really boost your reach.

Part 2 - Will Show You How to Set Up Your Web 2.0 Site Properly

Plus I will tell you the best Web 2.0 sites to use for BackLinking.


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