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  • Monday, June 13, 2016




Every business needs a steady flow of Customers.

SEO and Web Design agencies and freelancers are no different.

No customers or clients translates to no profit and no success!

It would seem that SEO and Web Design agencies would have an unlimited number of new clients, since there are millions of businesses online.

That may be true for some agencies but many smaller agencies and freelancers find themselves constantly trying to get new clients.

If you are in the group that is constantly searching for SEO and Web Design leads and coming up empty, here is the number 1 place to find new clients.

The number 1 place is the Internet.

I am sure you’ve all have stumbled across more than a few websites that looked like “relics” from 10 years ago.

Recently, I researched several small business niches and found a surprising number of “ancient” looking sites.

I found many more that were not responsively designed.

Researching further, I discovered statistics that reinforced my suspicions that there is a lot of potential work on the web. (Check the links at the bottom)

Since Google’s mobile-friendly push (aka mobilegeddon) the numbers of responsive websites has increased but not dramatically.


Regardless of the final number, that leaves a lot of websites that need some serious work.


Surf the web and it will reveal a significant number of websites that have not adopted responsive design.

You’ll find a few that are ancient relics from the past. These websites are from a different era before responsive became the standard.

Some websites are built by well-meaning friends or family of the owner using a template or DIY website. These are what I call “cookie cutter” websites.

Recently, I found a website where an agency had been charging $500 a year for maintenance over the last 10 years on an old relic site. So the agency collected over $5000 for just changing the copyright date every year.

We rebuilt a responsive design for the owner of that website.

Website owners are dishing out thousands of dollars for outdated websites that are not meeting their marketing and advertising goals because they are not reaching their targeted audience.

Once you have found a website that could use your expertise, scroll down and check the footer for a link to see who build it.

Google the website designer using the exact phrase they used in the footer to take credit for the design.

If it is a web design or marketing agency, you may have uncovered a treasure map of old websites that need work.

Now that you have a list of potential clients you need to reach out to them. The best way to reach out is through email.

If you are going to convince them to get a new Web Design or SEO strategy your email proposal will need to stand out above the noise.

Some of these website owners are going to be skeptical of hiring you for a new design since they already have spent a lot of money in the past on a web design or SEO strategy that didn't work.

You will have to educate them why their old design did not work well and how and why your approach will help them find new customers.

There is a lot of potential work on the web but you have to be creative to grab the attention of website owners.

Stay tuned and next time, I’ll cover some techniques that will get clients to read your email.


Check out this article by Bryson Meunier over at Marketing Land and you’ll discover that a little over a year ago only 18% of websites were responsive.

Fast-forward a year to 2016 and according to an article in Smashing Magazine by Ciprian Borodescu responsive websites have risen only 25% since mobilegeddon.



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