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  • Saturday, January 09, 2016
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It is important that small businesses have a website even in rural states like Maine.

It is 2016 and The New Storefront is your website so be sure to have a web design that makes a great impression. Traditional Brick and Mortar stores still dominate the commerce landscape but now they are being discovered with digital devices.

Those companies that are aware of this trend are taking advantage of it and bringing in new customers while older less technical savvy companies are finding it harder to survive.

Most consumers now use a computer or mobile phone to find a product/service and an address for a business. If your business does not have a website you are losing customers because now it is so easy to find another business on the web that advertises that product/service to the customer.

Small companies in Maine tend to have less of an online presence and many do not realize the benefits. But the consumer base is constantly shifting to a younger generation, which are prone to use their smart phones for almost everything including shopping.

An online presence can make or break a small business especially with the rise of mobile phones. The growing popularity of the web has now reached the point where it is more important to focus on digital advertising than traditional print methods.

Many of the older businesses in rural Maine that have been in the neighborhood for a very long time and have an established consumer base with little online competition can continue that way.

But if your business location is anywhere south of Orono, Maine then you should seriously consider getting a website and establishing an online presence.

Regardless of where your small business is located you should do an analysis of your competition to see if they are attracting your target customers. If your bottom line has been slowly shrinking then it is crucial to discover if your target market is being drawn to the competition by the web.

Not convinced?

Then do a Google Search for your business and you will probably discover that most of your competitors already have a website and are using it effectively to draw in customers. A simple Google Search will tell you a lot.

If you discover other local businesses are advertising the same product or service on the web you don’t need to be an analytic wizard to figure out there is probably a connection.

Building a website can be a big investment but it can be one of your most valuable assets.

A website promotes your image and reputation the way you want it.

A website is your online store for your brand or company. An attractive web design is like having an awesome storefront in the busiest part of town.

With a website you are able to grab the attention of your target customers which can make a real difference in generating new business as well as hold your present market. Get in front of those customers.

Great web design is just as relevant for a small town business as for big business in the big city. A professionally designed website will promote your business to a far larger target market.

There are lots of qualified Maine Web Design Agencies.

Some things to consider:

  • 1.Make sure it is a responsive web design so it will look good on all devices
  • a.Several Maine Web Design Firms still are not building responsive web designs which will make your website obsolete before you start.
  • 2.Be sure you understand your contract and exactly what is included in your web design package.
  • 3.Do you own or are you leasing the design.
  • 4.Will it be easy to edit the content so you can advertise special products or events without additional design cost?
  • 5.Will it be a template or hand crafted?
  • 6.Do you host the website or recommend a web host?
  • 7.How long will the web design take?
  • 8.What are you as a client expected to supply?
  • a.Normally the client supplies all the written content, images and logo along with the preference of colors, styles and general design layout. Some web design agencies will supply a hero image as part of the deal or a supplemental image package at additional cost.
  • 9.Be sure to ask if all stock images used in the web design are copyright compliant.
  • 10.Be sure to ask for a backup on usb just in case you hit the wrong button. That way you will be able to get your website back to it’s original state. Most web designers will be glad to do this or offer to reset your site back to its original state.

Your circumstances will dictate what is most important for you to ask your web designer but hopefully this list will give you a good starting point.



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